Ramp Tech Truck Curtains

Patented | Fast-operating | Automated | Flat | Smooth | Tight | Buckle-free | Load-restraining truck curtain system

Ramp Tech spent three years perfecting their unique, patented curtain tensioning system.


The Ramp Tech Truck Curtain System is the only load restraint buckle-free truck curtain system that tensions the curtain from the top. The beauty of this system is in its simplicity. Because the internal curtain hooks grab on the external edge of a 6 mm thick coaming rail, obstacles are rarely an issue. This means strap spacings can be determined before the body is built.


There are no straps to interfere with signage. The smooth tight surface of the curtain is ideal for advertising. Your vehicle will look more like a pantech than a curtain sider!

Why Choose this Curtain System?

The Body Builder

Because this system works on the “just in time principle”, as much as possible is done for the truck body builder. The corner columns' aluminium tracks are prefabricated to specification. The curtains have poles fitted and simply slide on. This reduces labour required for the body builder to produce a truck curtain body. The net effect is a higher turnover of truck bodies built = money in the bank.


As the curtain is adjusted to the ideal tension, the truck curtain is tensioned quickly and correctly every time. This improves compliance with load restraint requirements. The load is unlikely to exceed the maximum width of 100 mm deflection in an emergency, when a load shift may occur. Because the system is automated, the driver will have less time exposed to dangerous traffic.

Quick turn around

ETC can supply a smooth slick media package for a company who want the refurbish their fleet and/or partake in rebranding. Because we make tailor made flat pack kits, the kit can be produced while the vehicle stays on the road. This reduces down time. With a co-ordinate effort, the truck(s) can be off the road for a minimum of time.

The Marketing Department

Because there are no buckles and no ugly crease below the buckles, ETC provides a smooth tight rectangle surface for advertising. ETC also have media doors available for the back of the vehicle which do not have ugly external lock rods.

The Truck Driver

The driver removes and replaces freight their whole working day. Because this system is buckle-free, the driver is not subject to frustrating buckles that jam and are time consuming to tighten The reality is that few truck drivers have time to tighten buckles correctly, leaving curtains bellowing out like a pregnant pasty. This is bad for the reputation of the business; for the curtains, rollers and expensive aluminum tracks, and for fuel consumption as the wind drag is excessive. Often drivers have difficulty using their mirrors when their curtains bellow out so far so it is bad for drivers' safety and moral.

The Accountant

A conservative estimate for a vehicle that makes around 30 drops a day is a time saving of 3 to 4 hours a week = money in the bank!